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Ran Away

A 14-year-old Texas boy was caught living in a 24-hour Wal Mart for two days, but he went unnoticed by constantly changing clothes and hiding in two secret forts. He lived behind stacks of products, and survived off stolen food from the store.  He even cut a hole in the wall behind the drink aisle. The teen also made a make-shift bed, wore a diaper to prevent multiple trips to the bathroom, and even stole a fish from the store to keep as a pet.
Slacker never ran away from home! He didn’t have the guts to do it. He wonders why the universal sign of a runaway is the stick and bandanna. He remembers thinking that if he was going to run away he couldn’t fit everything in the bandanna. They both wonder what this kids forts were made of. Slacker thinks this kid was in the stock room of Wal Mart because that's how he didn't get caught, or so they think.
Steve said he tried to pack a suitcase and go, but never actually did. He lived on a farm growing up and when he was 5 years old he got upset about the breakfast so he packed up his blanket in a bag. His mom helped him pack his bag for him to “run away” and even packed some toys in his bag!  She took the fun out of it. He wanted her to be hurt that he was going to be gone, so he decided to stay home. Cute kid.

Lil D chimed in and asked if it was stealing the fish if it was still in the store? Slacker said absolutely it was stolen and Steve said no way, it was still in the store.
Have you ever ran away from home? Where did you go?

Intern Nikki

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08/14/2014 7:21PM
Ran Away
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08/17/2014 10:01PM
gas station
When I was about 8 my sister and I decided to run away. We decided we would live at the park down the street and we would live off kool-aid. When it became dark we were getting bit by mosquitos and we didn't realize you needed sugar for kool-aid. Wecouldn't just go home, so we decided to tell the fire station down the block that we were lost and then we told them How to get to our house. Lol!
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