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Cindy recently sold her daughter's Katy Perry concert tickets because she didn't like her behavior, calling her a 'spoiled brat.' The tickets sold in less than five minutes. A family from Texas had been told their daughter wrote on her desk. She was sent to the principal's office and lost recess to clean her desk, but the teacher also forced her to sit on the floor every day for 22 days.
Slacker says certain punishments in your life are so epic, you will always remember them. Punishing as a parent, you have to take away something they truly want. He says Steve is the one who now cares most about a clean car because of the punishment from his mom so Slacker wonders if the punishment was actually really amazing. Slacker doesn’t have a punishment story because he feared authority. Right!
Steve’s punishment story that he won’t ever forget was when his mom wanted him to wash the car before taking his driver license’s test, but he didn’t. His mom made him wait an entire week to take his test for ignoring her. He then flipped her ‘the bird’ so he added another week without a license. Steve believes it’s not a crime if you don’t get caught.
What’s the worst punishment you’ve ever got?
Let’s just say, I’ll never forget the taste of soap.
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08/05/2014 4:52PM
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