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Public Shaming

Public shaming is become more and more common. Whether the law catches you and forces you to walk around with a sign on or a crazy jogger punches your truck for running a stop sign. There are many different ways to public shame.
Slacker says one of the only things that are acceptable for public shaming is leaving a child or an animal in the car. He says that he understands why some people do it, mainly because it could be such a hassle if your only seven feet away and you have to wake up a sleeping child. Slacker says that Steve always shames people for doing the exact same things he does! He tells a story about how he was going to run a stop sign but a jogger got in the way and he slammed on his breaks. Slacker claims the man was at a safe distance and not in harm’s way at all. He says the guy ran up to his window and started yelling at him, the jogger then ran off and screamed profanities!  
Steve says that it’s a good thing that people are shaming others when it comes to leaving kids in the car. He says that if you’re not going to be a responsible parent then you deserve it! Steve says that he got his car washed and parked at the building next door, a building that clearly says no car wash parking. He says that he was drying off his car when the store owner came out and started to freak out on him!
Lil D says that he was at the doctors office when his baby hit a button on the ultrasound machine. He says that lights and everything went off! Lil D says the nurse stared at him and yelled “Maybe you shouldn’t let your baby touch things! This is a very expensive piece of equiptment!”
What is your public shaming story?
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08/27/2014 7:23PM
Public Shaming
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