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A mother in Connecticut (Karen Dryer) is convinced that her 5 year old son (Logan) is psychic!  Her son was a kindergartner at Sandy Hook Elementary this year until a couple months before the shooting he would get very weepy at school.  When she took her son to the doctor to see if he was sick they said he was perfectly healthy but it would be a good idea to remove him from school for a little while.  When the little boy and his mother met with the principal, Dawn Hochsprung, she told him “We love you and this is a wonderful place.”  Logan screamed in response and said, “No, no! It’s not a safe place. I am scared.”  Karen’s mother had passed away a few months before the tragedy but was a very psychic person that Karen believes passed her gift on to her son.

Slacker and Steve typically are on opposite sides about the belief of psychics.  Slacker believes in them and mediums within reason.  Steve usually tries to find the holes in every psychic story he hears.  But this story has him pretty speechless.  At first he wondered if maybe Logan was bullied or something and that’s why he didn’t feel safe.  Slacker explained to him that kindergartners are never left alone and that it would be pretty impossible for that to have happened.  So this psychic story itself is kind of freaking him out.

What psychic stories do you have?

I had a best friend for many years that I was very close with.  When she and I quit speaking I wrote her off in a harsh way.  It had been around a year since we’d last spoken when one morning I woke up to a weird dream.  I dreamt that she was sitting on the edge of my bed crying.  When I first woke to her I was mad and wanted her to go away until she said she was sorry and that she needed me.  She said that her new husband wanted a divorce because she was pushing him to have children.  I had told my sister the dream and didn’t think about it again.  Later that day I got a phone call from a mutual friend giving me the news that she and her new husband were in fact getting a divorce and it did have something to do with children.  Crazy!

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01/07/2013 5:02PM
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