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Prostitution Privacy


There’s a new law on the books. It’s happening in a lot of different places. Men can be busted soliciting a prostitute and their spouse can be told exactly what they did before they are even convicted. They don’t get to decide if the spouse should be allowed to find out.
Steve thinks they should do the same to the prostitute. Let her parents know. He feels like they are taking the communication too far and informing the wife in case the guy doesn’t say anything.

If Slacker was to get a speeding ticket and the police called his wife to inform him that he has a lead foot, he would be upset. That’s the inner workings of his relationship and an invasion of privacy…

If Steve were to solicit a “Lady of the Night”, he isn’t accountable to anyone, so he doesn’t have to worry about the issue.

Do you think this is fair to be ratted out publically before you’ve been convicted?

I can't imagine being arrested for soliciting a prostitute and being able to keep that info from my wife. She always allows me to do what I want to do because she trusts my judgement. If I were to fail in the communication department then we would probably part ways and the reason for my departure from the relationshiop would be due to other circumstances in addition to my epic fail as a husband.

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11/19/2012 7:33PM
Prostitution Privacy
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