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Getting down on one knee and proposing is so old fashioned! Check out some of the ways people are proposing now. A guy recently proposed to his girlfriend while they were skydiving...and he dropped the ring!!! Idiot!
Forget romantic dinners and Jumbotrons at sporting events. One brave man decided to propose to his wife while skydiving recently ... and he dropped the ring in mid-air! According to the adventurous dude, that was all part of the prank, as his brother was waiting on the ground with the real ring. This daredevil couple has been together for a year and a half and have jumped out of a total of 224 planes between them. Hey, what gal doesn't want to be proposed to while careening toward the ground?!
And another one decided to do the opposite, 
A man proposed to her girlfriend underwater off the coast of Florida. The couple, along with friends and family, went on a scuba diving trip over the weekend in Marathon, Florida. He used a laminated flip-book with a message for his girlfriend, a proposal banner and of course, the ring to propose to her underwater… and she said yes.
Slacker says that if Steve would ever get married he would do the coolest proposal because of the kind of guy he is. He says that it would have been pretty obvious if Steve went to the same spot and all of a student did a random scavenger hunt. Slacker says that he has done one big proposal and one small one. He says that the big one was done at a large party in front of everyone!
Steve says that with one girlfriend he planned on proposing to his girlfriend the same way his girlfriend’s father proposed to her mother. He says that it was at a specific spot but it also consisted at a scavenger hunt!
What is your crazy proposal story?
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07/16/2014 4:35PM
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07/16/2014 5:03PM
Lame Proposal - embarassed to say I said yes!
Yai - I can't call in bc my kids listen to your show. They'd recognize me in a heartbeat even if I had my voice disguised. So - you want proposals that weren't all cutsey. I would say the one I got wasn't even near it. My first love proposed to me but the folks said it wasn't good bc he didn't produce a ring. One month later - a couple days before I had a job interview he asked to borrow $300 bucks from me (bc he didn't have a job) and I thought he was going to buy himself a suit so he could go on job interviews. He agrees to meet me after my job interview. I'm exiting the parking lot as he's pulling in. I yell out - "I got the job!" I thought he was going to high five me as our cars passed and instead he throws the box past my hand thru my car window and I can just barely hear his fading words "That's Great! - Now will you marry me?" I didn't even have a chance to figure things out bc the car behind me wanted to exit the lot too and laid on his horn (AH!). He made a lame proposal suck even more! I've seen better rings come out of one of those cheap nickel candy machines.
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