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Some teenagers in Nebraska were posing for prom pictures on a bridge when the bridge they were standing on collapsed beneath them causing them to fall into a 4ft deep creek. The bridge was too weak to support all 22 teenagers which caused the collapse but luckily no one was hurt but the dresses were most likely ruined.  Some other teenagers in Texas were busted for having alcohol on their party bus so they had to spend the night at the fire station. The bus driver and chaperone were arrested for supplying alcohol to minors.

Slacker thinks prom is the one time teenagers are a loud to be adults. He says he didn’t want to dance, or dress up what so ever. He thinks teenagers will always have alcohol at prom so why do people act like they’re not going to. If you are going to let your child use your credit card and go to a dance then why would you expect them not to drink?

Steve thinks Slacker doesn’t like prom since he didn’t have a date. He says he didn’t like going to prom for the dress up reasons. He thinks prom is a waste of money because of how much you invest in dinner, tuxes, limos, and flowers.

What is your crazy prom story?

This year is actually going to be my first prom and I am somewhat dreading it. I’m like Slacker and don’t like dancing/grinding and think the night is somewhat of a pointless excuse to act like an adult. I like dressing up and going to dinner with friends but I think the actual dance is just pointless

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04/11/2014 4:26PM
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