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A former hotel staffer has written a book called "Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustlers and So-Called Hospitality," about what hotel staffers do when guests aren't watching. It reveals how some parts of the hotel room are never cleaned, and how drinking glasses are washed with furniture polish instead of soap to make them sparkle like new. For very difficult guests, a staffer might seek revenge on their toothbrush or even change their key card to lock them out of their room. Also, some staffers steal from mini-bars and valet-parked cars, while others go through guests' stuff and giggle over their guests' sex toys. The book is meant to be a warning and a wake-up call to hotel guests.

Slacker and Steve know bank tellers that pull credit reports on cute customers, jewlers secret number codes on jewelery pieces indicating how low they can haggle the price. Slacker claims that music stores do that too!

How many professions have behind-the-scenes secrets?

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11/20/2012 6:00PM
Profession Confessions
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