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Robert Lindsay a real estate agent was sued by a home owner recently. The owner was suspicious Robert overpriced the house so he could have relations with another agent inside the home. The home owner Richard Weiner put up security cameras and caught them in the act! Robert attempted to sue Richard back saying he was the one to overprice the house, however Richard had caught Robert’s relations on camera eleven times!

Slacker had a friend who was dating someone that said she worked at a spa. He would always pick her up outside the spa but never inside. She’d call from a payphone to get picked up which made him suspicious. He called the spa and some of the spa workers even covered for her. Slacker and his friend staked out outside the spa and called it and asked to speak to her. The spa worker ran across the street to the bath house where to hand the girlfriend the phone which then busted her.
Steve had a friend who forced him to stake out outside a house waiting to see if his girlfriend was cheating. She never showed up and they ended up sitting there doing nothing for two hours. He thinks they should have followed the actual girl instead of waiting for her to come to them.
What’s your private investigator story?
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03/14/2014 6:18PM
Private Investigator
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