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Who knew that George Clooney was a prankster? Apparently he loves to prank people on the set of his movies, like co-star Matt Damon. Clooney would take Damon's pants and get them altered shorter everyday to make him think he was gaining weight. He also found a painting in a dumpster and signed it to give as a gift to his friend, the friend hung it in his house for years!

Slacker thinks George is genius and very good looking, it is safe to say he is Slacker’s man crush.
Steve knew that George Clooney has always been a prankster. He used to fart in containers and close the lid really fast so that whoever would open it next would get a rank smell. He also got 2 pigs and labeled them 1 and 3,  let them go in his high school, but there was never a #3 pig and they had to shut the school down to look for a nonexistent pig.  Awesome.

What awesome prank have you pulled on someone?

For my high school prank we played Mario-Kart music through the intercom and we all had bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. and we raced around our school. It was so awesome!

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01/23/2014 7:18PM
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