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Porsche VS. Prius

Someone wants to be just like Steve, a chick magnet! We wanted to hear from the ladies on which car they thought would be a better buy, a Porsche or a Prius. Does the Porsche automatically mean that a guy is way too into himself? Does the Prius mean a guy is super nerdy and lame? Or is it just the opposite.
Slacker says he thinks all the women would choose the Prius because he cares about the environment so he’ll be a good dad one day. Lies! You don’t want to get picked up in a Prius to go out on a date. Slacker says you can’t even valet a Prius. When he had his Audi, he would valet at places that don’t even valet! Just throw his keys to the nearest person and call it good. Now that he has a truck though, he’ll park a mile away just so he won’t be that guy.
Steve says he doesn’t even need the nice car, the chicks are already swooning. However, he has his nice Audi because he just likes the fast car; he needs a stylish “grocery getter.” Prius drivers are boring!
What car would you choose for him?
Intern Alli
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08/26/2014 5:04PM
Porsche VS. Prius
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