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Poor Sport Parents


There have been so many stories in the news about parents being poor sports that states are starting to institute bans on parents talking trash to kids on the other team!

On Father's Day, two dads were watching their daughters in a girls' soccer game in Canada and got into an argument.  It escalated and soon enough they started BRAWLING.  The guy who started it was arrested for assault and the other guy ended up needing to be hospitalized after taking a lot of punches to the face.

The state of New Jersey has banned trash talking from high school games. The state says, “Participants could be in trouble if they make harassing statements related to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion. Unduly provocative language or action toward officials, opponents or spectators also won't be tolerated.''

Slacker admits that he himself is a poor sport parent. He finds himself at his son’s soccer games occasionally coaching harder than the actual coach. Steve defends poor sport parents like Slacker. He says that a poor sport parent just means that they are invested in their kids. Steve says that parents just want the best for their kids. Slacker and Steve both agree that in order to make your kids excel you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

Have you ever had a poor sport incident?

Growing up playing sports has allowed me to see my fair share of poor sport parents. There was one girl’s father on my high school volleyball team who would scream at the girl on the other team while she was serving. It got so bad he was carried out of the game by fellow parents and asked never to return.

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06/25/2013 4:31PM
Poor Sport Parents
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