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Ex-NFL star Plaxico Burress is being sued by his neighbors in New Jersey after his dog carried out a vicious attack. Burress played wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets and New York Giants. He has a mansion in New Jersey and the attack happened near his home. According to Burress' neighbor, his pitbull inflicted serious and permanent injuries to her head, body and limbs after it got loose and attacked her. Her lawsuit is asking for unspecified damages. Her husband is also part of the suit. He claims the attack has caused him to lose out on the "services" and "companionship" of his wife.
Do you think pitbulls should be banned?

(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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12/03/2013 8:34PM
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12/04/2013 6:37PM
I live in Waunakee Wisconsin and pitbulls are not allowed in Waunakee I don't know why but I know that their band you're not allowed to have one I thought that was interesting and thought I would share with you guys
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