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If you’ve been listening, you can tell that Slacker has been sick for a couple months now.  With everything that has been going around, he just can’t kick this thing.  That’s annoying enough to him but to make matters worse, someone actually blamed him for getting them sick!  That’s one of his biggest pet peeves, and it has him in a wicked mood right now!

Steve, being Steve, is now blaming Slacker for everything that’s ever happened to him in his life now, and laughing almost uncontrollably at Slacker’s irritated reaction.  Slacker, once he finished his rant, says he feels a little bit better now.  He says he’s not the only person in the world or even this building that is sick so how can he be blamed for anyone else becoming ill.  He is just hoping now that since many people heard his rant, no one will blame him for their illnesses again.

What are your pet peeves?

I and many of my friends are bartenders. We hate being blamed for “over serving” people.  We don’t walk around and constantly force you to drink more.  You asked for another drink, shot or beer.  Therefore, you “over ordered!”

Intern Kelly
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01/28/2013 4:34PM
Pet Peeves
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