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Perk of the Job?


A 12-year-old boy in Las Vegas confronted a cop after he parked illegally to buy a soda. The boy noticed the cop had illegally parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk; he recorded the incident. The boy asked the cop if there was an emergency and asked him for his badge number. The cop asked the boy if he's a lawyer and refuses to give him his badge number. The video was posted on YouTube and already has over two million views. Some people agree with the boy, while others say the boy should leave the cop alone.

Slacker thinks that you can't enforce laws that you don't abide by. Steve doesn't see an issue with it. The cop wasn't putting anyone's life in danger, so what's the big deal? Steve also said that the kid doesn't know if the cop is checking on an alarm or something like that. Slacker understands that cops put their lives on the line every day, but that does not entitle them to break any law they feel like!

Does it bother you when cops do things like this…or is it a perk of the job?


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05/07/2013 7:53PM
Perk of the Job?
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