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People Are Getting Because Of The "Harlem Shake"

I'm assuming by now you've seen one of the almost 100,000 different versions of the "Harlem Shake", right?

Unlike some of the haters out there that are already sick of these viral videos, I've been loving seeing everyones take on this song, the only problem is that we continue to hear how people are getting in trouble.

Like this story... workers who were part of an overnight crew working in Australia were fired after they made a "Harlem Shake" video in the underground mine and posted it online.

The mining services company that employed the workers, Barminco, hasn't made a statement but a spokesman for the company that owns the mine said, "Underground mining has strict safety standards as there are accidents and fatalities.

The Barminco management saw this as a breach of standards." Up to 15 workers may have been fired in the incident. 


Here's the KISS-FM take on the Harlem Shake led by our Mid-Day DJ Leigh McNabb

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03/05/2013 7:11AM
People Are Getting Because Of The "Harlem Shake"
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