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Peculiar Punishments

A Pennsylvanian couple attempted to cure their 3-year-old's fear of the dark by locking them in their car trunk.  They would fold down the seats and tell him to go look for candy in the trunk and leave him in there until they arrived at their destination. They are now facing abuse and neglect charges. Talk about how to NOT punish your child.

Slacker thinks that parents and teachers get it in their head that they can overdose that thing to try and punish them. It is not the smartest thing to do. What if a semi rear ends you?! That kid would be dead! This probably just made him scared of his own parents.

Steve says this is definitely abuse. He says that the kid is scared of everything now: cars, the dark, and his own parents. That punishment failed epically. Nuns made him spend an hour spitting in a bucket because they caught him cussing in catholic school. He was also forced to draw a circle on the chalk board and put his nose on the chalk board for talking in class.

What peculiar punishment have you received from your parents?  

Hmm. My mother put hot sauce on my finger because she caught me eating my boogers when I was 4. She put a dabble on my finger and said “okay now pick your nose”….. Never ate them again.

Intern Nikki

(Photo Courtesy freedigitalphotos.net)

02/04/2014 6:20PM
Peculiar Punishments
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