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Parking Disasters

Lots of car accidents and crashes are happening lately.  Some people get in fender benders, some get broken into, or some car accidentally crash. One of Steve’s friends parked her car on a hill but forgot to set the parking break. It rolled down the hill and crashed through an elementary school’s fence!

Slacker says he’s owned many cars on steep driveways and never used a parking break. He doesn’t think parking breaks are necessary. He thinks if you put it in park it shouldn’t move. He questions Lil’ D’s story about his friend’s car shifting out of gears and bouncing off of other cars since he’d turned the wheel when he parked it. He’s not convinced parking breaks keep cars safe.

Steve thinks parking breaks are needed for steep places like San Francisco. He has a button on his car that turns on the emergency break which he’s never used but thinks it looks cool. He made a deal with Slacker to sing a Frozen song if not many people call with car disaster stories.  

What is your parking or driving disaster?

Intern Courtney
Photo courtesy: Freedigitalphotos.net

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03/20/2014 7:30PM
Parking Diasters
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03/21/2014 5:20PM
Still useful
The parking brake helps save your transmission. It's easier to shift into gear on an incline when you use the brake. Just sayin.
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