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Parental Breaking Point


A Tennessee woman ended up in jail after police said she burned her grown son’s clothes in an apparent attempt to persuade him to clean up after himself. According to a police report, Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a house in Crossville early Saturday morning to respond to a report of a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they found a pile of clothes burning in a carport. According to Deputy Chuck Hennessee, the son, Daniel Hill, said he and his mother, Theresa Marie Conley, 53, had been drinking and that while he was passed out on a couch, his mother gathered up several articles of clothing he had left lying around the house, including his work uniforms, carried them to the carport and set them on fire. No one was injured, but the residence sustained fire damage to some vinyl siding, according to Hennessee’s report. Conley was charged with reckless burning and vandalism and was placed under a $1,500 bond.

Slacker admits he had a moment that he lost it with his son, Noah. He took him to the Renaissance Festival and bought him a sword. It was made of wood and Noah is leaving marks all over the wall with it. He kept pretending to go after Slacker with the sword and swinging it in his face. Slacker told him to stop and warned Noah that if he touched him with it, he would take the sword away. Noah tested him and put it in his face again but hit him in the eye. Slacker grabbed the sword and smashed it into a thousand pieces.

Did you destroy a toy? Turn them into the police? What happened when your reached your parental breaking point?

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06/30/2014 8:30PM
Parental Breaking Point
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