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Pampered Pets

We all love our pets, they are like family! Some of us are even willing to do anything for them. Like spend tons of money on their birthday parties, hotel rooms, and manicures!
$995 Space flights for pet remains
A company in Houston will be sending the remains of pets into space. Celestis Inc already sends human remains into space, and starting this fall, they will offer the service for the remains of cats and dogs. The cost will be about the same as for human remains-- starting at about $995.
Puppy Love
Londoner Karen Chamberlain recently spent $7,500 on her bulldog's '100th' birthday party. She spent $1,500 on a party hall, $250 on Lola's dress and $150 on her tiara. Karen tells the Daily Mail, ''I invited all our dog-mad friends. I wanted it to be a very glamorous evening. The dress code was quite strict - I wanted all the ladies and gents to be dressed in their finest gear and their dogs were to wear fancy dress. We had one dog dressed up as Prince Charming, and others were dyed especially for the occasion. We considered it Lola's 100th birthday because bulldogs generally do not live as long as some breeds. Every year equals 10 dog years. Lola really enjoyed her big day. She loves a fuss being made of her, and it obviously did her some good.'' The dogs ate a 10-tier cupcake tower.
Slacker says that he read a study that says people talk to their dogs 36 minutes a day, he says he doesn’t even do that with his wife! He says that with his dog mojo he never pampered him! Slacker says that he may give the dog a treat or two but never anything out of the ordinary. He says that dogs don’t want to be in space, if you want him to be somewhere he wants to be just throw the ashes at another dogs butt! Slacker said the only thing that the dog wanted at the party would be the cupcakes.
Steve says that there is already enough things floating in space, and now we have dead pets?  He says that dogs don’t care about what they eat or what they are wearing! Steve is upset because dogs have a better bathroom set up than he does!
What do you do to pamper your pet?
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08/06/2014 7:17PM
Pampered Pets
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08/10/2014 7:55PM
Homeless rather than give up my dogs
I don't know if this is considered pampered but I was myself homeless twice because I couldn't find a home that would allow my dogs. I slept in my car up in the national forest for three months and took my dogs to work with me during the day until I could find a house that would allow me to have my dogs,so worth it to do it again in a minute well I did I did twice. The second time I lived in a garage for four months until found a house. JulieaAnn , Pearl, Olive and Harvey
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