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Pampered Pets


Slacker helped a women set up a stroller in the airport only to find out that a child would not be going in it. She put her dog in the stroller instead. Talk about a pampered pet!

How do you spoil your pet?

Slacker thinks this is absolutley disgusting. He tried helping this woman and he felt bad for her so her set up the stroller and she put her dog in it. He was furious. Slacker then goes on to tell how the woman proceeded to talk to her poodle in a baby voice. He was annoyed and said the woman was pretentious. "If you're buying a Chicco stroller for your dog, then you are a D-Bag."

Steve says that the is truly awesome. "You gotta respect that!" Steve said Slacker is pretentious because he judges other people's strollers. "Stroller snob!"  If I had the money to do that, I would.

I think this woman is delussional and absolutely ridiculous. I have a dog that I adore, but I would never put her in a stroller. I work at a doggy day care and dogs don't want to be strollered around. They are curious and want to walk around and smell stuff. Guaranteed this woman's dog hates her. The only way I spoil my dog is she gets table scraps once in awhile.


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01/06/2014 4:43PM
Pampered Pets
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