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Pro golfer Pablo Larrazabal was playing in the Malaysian Open on Friday when he was attacked by a group of angry hornets. He ended up jumping in a lake to get away from them! That had to be painful!
Slacker thinks woman have been in pain during labor but millions of women have experienced that. He wants to hear extremely once in a lifetime pain stories. He wants to stick Steve in a bee farm to see where they would sting him.
Steve thinks he has a very strong pain tolerance. He thinks you can avoid lots of pain experiences just by using common sense. He’s never been stung by a bee and he thinks it’s because he knows how to act around them and avoid them. He thinks his smoke will keep the bees away.
What was the moment that has caused the most physical pain in your life?
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04/24/2014 6:21PM
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04/26/2014 7:03PM
Pain x2
Yi My pain story is pretty short. I was up on a ladder changing our sign and the wind blew the ladder. when I fell my foot caught in the between the steps and broke both bone directly above my ankle. when I looked at it my foot was facing the other way just hanging. When the ambulance showed up they had to put it upright and brace it. so the pain multiplied when they did that. After 9 surgeries and and ankle fusion I am walking around with a slight limp.
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