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It's FrYiiiiiiiii - Day!
3 little letters than divide people. P.D.A. Some people, like Slacker, are ALL for it... others, like Steve, think it’s DISGUSTING!!

The Frisky did a poll asking what kind of PDA was the most irritating. Though sitting on each other's laps and feeding each other were strong contenders, overhearing baby talk and seeing a couple French kissing took the top spots.
Just Asking ... Does PDA annoy you? If so, what is the most offensive kind? Are you into PDA yourself? What do you and your partner do in public? Are there any lines you won't cross? If you're in a relationship, does one of you like PDA and one of you hate it? What problems does that cause?
More than a quarter of women in a study say they are too embarrassed to cuddle or even hold hands in public.
One in ten women would consider breaking up with a man who was too affectionate in front of other people.
Women don't make an exception on Valentine's Day, either.
Two thirds of those surveyed said they would not be any more affectionate to their partner on February 14th than on any other day.
The survey of 2,000 people was conducted by MSN, and also found that 28 percent of the responders were also uncomfortable around other couples' public displays of affection.
The least acceptable forms of public displays of affection are heavy petting, kissing with tongues, and bottom slapping.

Slacker is still astounded that while still being single, Steve doesn't get the PDA thing.

Steve does do it a little, but not for the same reason other people do it! He believes that most couples do it to get recognized. Like "Look at us, we're makin' out!"

Slacker reminds Steve of the times when they go out to the bars and get a shot or, in Steve's case a Washington Apple, does Steve raise his glass with everyone else or does he look straight ahead and do the shot on his own? Hell No! He clanks glasses and participates in the celebration, of course. Slacker informs him that this is a form of PDA. GUILTY!

Steve doesn't care if Slacker kisses his wife in public. But, does Slacker close his eyes or leave them open? Steve insists he leaves them open so he can see who is looking! He also calls out Slacker for being a butt grabber. Slacker can't tell if Steve leaves his eyes open, because the last time he saw Steve kiss a girl, Steve had his shades on...

Slacker has no problem sitting on the same side of the booth as his wife. Steve says it annoys all the food service people in world with this simple gesture. Slacker likes spending time with his wife. Simple as that!

Which side are you on?  

I'm a huga fan of PDA! The fact that anyone would be seen with me, makes it that more irresistable to have fun with. If ya got it, flaunt it!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Forte

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(Poll courtesy of "The Frisky")

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04/19/2013 4:25PM
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