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Steve has a big confession to make to a girl he recently broke it off with. The reason he broke it off is because he found out that he also slept with her mom years ago. Scandalous!

Lil D also felt the need to come clean. A few years ago the show was doing an event together, and while they were inside, someone tore the driver's side mirror off Slacker's brand new car. He was really upset and didn't understand why anyone would do something like that. Lil D confessed he was the one that damaged Slacker's car. He was carrying some boxes into the event and had to hurry across the street. As he was running, he hit Slacker's mirror with one of the boxes. He didn't want to tell Slacker because he hadn't technically been hired yet, and he didn't want to lose the job.

It's time for you to come clean. What do you want to confess?

01/17/2014 11:29PM
Open Line Confessional
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