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Open Line Confessional


Open line confession! Have anything you need to get off your chest? We're here to listen... it's your chance to confess something unbelievable.

Lil D confessed that he duped his parents when he told them he was out because he was driving drunk friends home- turns out he was the drunken party animal.  Slacker confessed that insurance fraud is one of his hidden talents due to the fact that he used to fake hail damage on family, friends, and strangers’ cars.  Steve accidentally euthanized his pet dog as a child.   

What do you have to confess?

I, on occasion, am capable of eating an entire package of chips ahoy chewy cookies. Boy do I feel better, but just try and stop me- those cookies are like gold in my mouth.

Stay classy!
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03/20/2013 6:39PM
Open Line Confessional
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03/21/2013 4:59PM
Arnold and Lucy
Lucy could have a professionally done reprint of the painting and give it to Arnold. We can't all have the original Mona Lisa but we certainly can enjoy it. If Arnold can't enjoy the reprint, I feel sorry for him. Since the painting was a birthday gift and Lucy loved her mother-in-law, too, she shouldn't have to give it up. Also, it seems to me that the painting would also be a reminder of Lucy's love for the ?Oregon coastline. Maybe he still has feelings for Lucy or he wouldn't want it.
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