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Obnoxious Neighbors

There have been numerous stories in the news lately about crazy and obnoxious neighbors. One woman in Washington was keeping a 5ft. alligator as a pet. The police had to evict it after the landlord, report it because it is illegal to own an American Black Alligator. Another Italian man claims that he was charged for being “to good at sex” after 12 neighbors report him and his girlfriend. They were supposedly charged with stalking. Another woman lives next door to a man who blasts ‘Phantom of the Opera’ music late at night. She’d given him a note asking him to stop but he has not.
Slacker had a neighbor who would watch his house to see when his lights went on. He knew Slacker changed his show time because he said he never saw Slacker’s light go on in his bedroom at 3am anymore. He was scared that the man would watch his house and know when and which rooms he was in. He eventually bought large plants to block the man’s house so he couldn’t see through the trees

Steve thinks all of his neighbors are pretty chill. So far he says none of them have caused trouble, noise, or arguments with him. He says he likes it when he and his neighbors are on good terms but not necessarily friends.

What crazy neighbors do you have?

I used to have a neighbor that would yell at my brothers and I when we were playing outside. We were playing roller hockey in the street so he decided to floor it out of his driveway and run over our hockey net. The game ended quickly and we have since then moved away from the man who hated happiness.

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04/17/2014 6:22PM
Obnoxious Neighbors
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