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Obesity in America


Obesity is a huge problem in America. Tom Brokaw thinks we should treat it as a social anomaly like smoking and drinking.

Slacker talks about how the next generation here and in Europe is going to be obese. He says if we make it socially unacceptable, then people are going to tell you straight to your face that you can’t eat that hamburger. He doesn’t like the way our society is going towards. He doesn’t think it isn’t right to tell someone they can’t eat.

Steve says smoking rates have gone down. They prices for them have gone through the roof. They make it tougher and tougher for smokers, like Steve.  He says it is society’s lack of healthy food is the problem of obesity.  Smoking and drinking have laws made about it. Eating food excessively should be a law too. If people want to change then a law will have to be in place.

Do you agree? Or Disagree? Why?

I think we should. People think that just because they can eat a lot of food it’s not a bad as drugs or alcohol. That is not true at all. Food can be an addiction. And that’s half of obese people’s problems. That and lack of exercise. I think it is ridiculous to think that letting your kid eat anything and think it’s okay to not be active.

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05/12/2014 7:17PM
Obesity in America
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05/23/2014 12:46PM
Ostracism for being fat is the WRONG approach.
I whole-heartedly agree with Tom that there’s a serious weight problem in America. Sure, there are folks out there who seem to have made being obese a lifestyle. People who make no effort what so ever to be even remotely active or eat healthy, for them, we need some better way on incentivizing them to make positive life changes, but I feel suggesting we make being fat unacceptable like smoking and other vices? That’s ridiculous, cold hearted and potentially cruel. What good would that really do? It may motivate a few to get on a treadmill and eat more salads but what about those that honestly can't help carrying some extra weight as part of their genetics? Or have other underlying health problems? Or have had serious injuries which makes being physically active difficult? How would ridiculing those people help anything? All's it does is shows just how shallow and petty your fellow man really is. I've always thought that one of the biggest flaws in humanities’ social behavior is how we tend to group and judge people in all-encompassing categories when we should be looking at the individuals as much as possible.
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