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OPP: Weight Watcher Boyfriend


I made the regrettable mistake of looking at myself in the mirror when my boyfriend Max was over and saying out loud that I felt like I was getting fat. That's when Max jumped all over me. He said he hates when women make comments like that because they have no intention of doing anything about it and just expect any guy within earshot to tell them how thin they are – whether it's true or not. Maybe that's partly true – that I was hoping Max would tell me I was beautiful. But instead, he just started yelling at me to do something about my weight if I didn't like it and we never talked about it again. Do you think it was a bad idea for me to voice that I thought I was gaining weight? Was he right to yell at me like that? How do I bring this up to him without starting the whole thing all over again?

Slacker says this feels like Steve.  He said there are little white lies in every relationship. It’s just like when guys say, “Oh my beer gut.” Go to the gym! He says your honest friends should tell you the truth, do something about it. Slacker agrees with the boyfriend saying she should do something about it. Who wants to hear people complain all the time when you could do something about it, change your diet, get a gym membership, etc. He thinks Amanda cannot be hurt because if she gets to complain about her weight, they get to tell her the truth.

Steve says he likes to be honest in a relationship. This guy told the truth, but the fact he raised his voice completely ruined it. If you are fishing for the compliment, be prepared if you don’t hear what you wanted.

What advice can you give to Amanda?

I bet Amanda has only gained a few extra pounds but she notices it like crazy, just like every woman would. I do think though, if she didn’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask!

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07/31/2014 5:19PM
OPP: Weight Watcher Boyfriend
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