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OPP: Too Hot for Friend's Wedding

Natalie wasn’t invited to be in her friend’s wedding when all of her friends were asked to be bride’s maids. She is the only one left out of her group of 5 friends. She says she is hotter than the bride and is more popular. She thinks the bride doesn’t want to be showed up by her as a bride’s maid.

Slacker thinks this girl is kid of mean and the friend is better off without her. She had a confidence value that is absolutely remarkable to him. He thinks she believes she is very hot and is arrogant. He asked her if she is a genuine friend and asked if she talks about the bride like this all the time? She replied that the bride obviously doesn’t find her as a great find because she didn’t ask her to be a brides amid. He thinks that the bride would never think that and that the brides don’t do that. He thinks that there’s underlying issues between Natalie and the bride. He wants to believe that Natalie is a good friend and is just saying these mean things about the bride because she is hurt.

Steve thinks her confidence is sexy and she is stating facts. He knows that brides don’t want anyone upstaging them.

What advice can you give to Natalie?

I think Natalie is kind of crazy because any person that toots their horn like she did has issues. That isn’t confidence that’s cockiness and that is a tall tell sign that she really is insecure. I think the bride is better off without her and she clearly saw right through her and doesn’t want a snake like Natalie in her bridal party. I wouldn’t.

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03/12/2014 5:23PM
OPP: Too Hot for Friend's Wedding
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03/13/2014 4:47PM
Get over it
Even though I have never met her I agree with the last few callers. Having confidence is not bad but being overly cocky is another story. First impressions are key and I have decided from what I heard is that she is not a good friend and I would not wanther in my wedding either. Sometimes being overly cocky can be a sign of insecurities. Natalie you may want to evaluate yourself before you are uninvited to the wedding.
03/16/2014 2:17PM
Get over yourself Natalie!
Despite Natalie insisting that all these girls are BFF's, I suspect the other girls simply tolerate her. No one wants to be friends with someone who walks around like they are god's gift and everyone else is beneath them. Whether Natalie is hot or not, her attitude sucks and I don't blame the bride for not wanting her in her bridal party.
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