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OPP: Tell Parents I'm Pagan

Yi! In the past two years I have had a lot of life changes my parents got divorced (it was not pretty) changed jobs, fell in love, lost loved ones... it has been years of extreme highs and extreme lows. In the past year especially I have started to research my heritage especially that of my Celtic and Nordic ancestary. After a lot of soul searching I have become pagan and started following this path, I am completely happy and for once at peace with my life, my girlfriend is pagan as well. My problem is how would I breech this subject with my traditional Christian family, though they are not judgmental they are far from open minded and I am in a real jam because I want to be outspoken everyone from coworkers to friends know already and I want to tell my family so much but I don't know how to breech the subject and I don't want to lose my family in any way. 
Slacker says it is hard to tell your parents something when they are religious. His family is Catholic and he thinks his family would be mad. He doesn’t think they will disown him. He thinks Lee just doesn’t want to add to the ever growing problems in the past years. Slacker would test the waters first and tell the family he is thinking about converting.

Steve says at a certain age you would think he can tell them anything. He doesn’t understand because he lost his parents at a young age.He thinks Lee should just do it like a band-aid and just tell them.

How should Lee tell his family about his new beliefs?

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04/01/2014 5:17PM
OPP: Tell Parents I'm Pagan
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04/01/2014 6:23PM
Tips on coming out of the broom closet
Hello Lee, I called in but time ran out before I could get on the air. I have been pagan for almost 35 years and am a priestess. Based on the coming out experience for both myself and my husband (we are out to all but his sister who is quite fundamentalist) I can suggest the following -Always let your family members that you love them -Assure them that this is no failure on their part but is a success. They raised a moral person of faith who, when you sought the divine God was manifest as Goddess and God. -Let them know that you acknowledge that God shows himself to them through Jesus and that is as sacred a path as the one you found. -Be prepared to answer questions later. Emphasize common points of belief such as to their Sowing /reaping analogy . we have what goes around, Karma, threefold law etc.. We use ritual they way they pray things like that. You can use the common term "Lord" without specifying which lord. _Unlike what Steve said your religion is a religion. (he said it is not a "religion" religion) I am sure what he meant is that yours is not a traditional religion. Sadly Fundamentalists and bullies tend to blow off pagans as being not a religion and this can make it into the mainstream conciousness ( Yi Steve I know you were not being insensitive but using the same terms that we have been hurt by pushed a button of mine so using the term non-traditional religion is much better Hugs, kisses and good goddess mojo to you, little D and Slacker). -Let them know that one of your beliefs is not to convert and that you ask them to not try to convert you . You accept well wishes and prayers and will give the same. -if you are Wiccan tell them you do not worship Satan (he is a Christian figure) or place hexes and if you are heathen you are not a nazi white supremacist. There are a lot of cliches and false ideas and you can nip this in the bud - again assure them of their place in your heart. I could go on forever but I think you get the idea Blessed Be, Marian
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