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OPP: Stole My Wedding

Lisa has been engaged for a long time planning her entire wedding out, while her best friend has been engaged for 6 weeks and has now stole the colors of her wedding among many other things. She doesn't know what to do because this other woman is her friend, but she decided on all this wedding planning for her own wedding first!

Slacker has been married several times and knows women get very emotional about their wedding. Slacker questions Lisa and her motives because she came on air and calls her best friend out. She replied by saying that she doesn’t want to change the colors because they are her ideas and her creativity and the best friend is just lazy and doesn’t want to go find her own things to make her day special.

Steve said it sounds like Lisa’s friend got engaged just so she can one-up Lisa’s wedding. He brings up that Lisa isn’t happy for her best friend’s engagement. She replied that she is, but doesnt think her marriage will last.

What advice can you give Lisa?

I can’t believe her friend is doing this to Lisa. I would call her out on it. I would not settle for this, yes it is just one day at the beginning of the marriage, but that just isn’t fair. Lisa has worked months for this while her best friend just piggy backed on her to find the caterer, colors, center pieces, etc. Hell no!

Intern Nikki

(photo courtesy flickr.com)

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02/10/2014 5:20PM
OPP: Stole My Wedding
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02/10/2014 5:57PM
Lisa is prideful and selfish
02/10/2014 7:43PM
God Bless You Girls!
I hope you can reconcile and have so much fun. God Bless you both!
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