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OPP: Son is Cougar Magnet

Yi guys,
My son is 18 and getting ready for college. He is a very attractive boy and women hit on him all the time. It doesn't matter if they are girls his own age or women closer to my age. We can be out to eat and the 30-something waitress will hit on him. He will come into my work and the women at my office swoon over him. The thing is, he's really good at flirting back with them and he only seems to be interested in older women. I'm worried that he's going to get to college and get himself into trouble. It's not healthy for a boy his age to be with a woman that much older than him. How do I get my son to date girls his own age?
Slacker thinks the mom is sort of metaling but also kind of has the right because of the women’s ages. He will learn some lessons before his fellow peers, so that’s a plus side.  If you’re a cougar, you need to understand that your boy toy has a mom the same age. Slacker wants to know if there are any rules for being a cougar. How weird would it be to bring home a 40-something year old for Thanksgiving dinner.
Steve wants the mom to just be proud of her son! He says she needs to tell her friends to not hit on her son in front of her.  He says you can’t help who you fall for. The best advice they heard was to not prohibit him from dating older women or he will try harder, let him be curious and decide!
How does this mom get her son to date girls his own age?
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08/04/2014 5:50PM
OPP: Son is Cougar Magnet
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