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OPP: Sleeping Together at Parents' House


Sarah and her fiancé Jeff have been together for 3 years and live together. They are going to visit her mom for her birthday, but her mom refuses to let Sarah and Jeff sleep in the same bed at her house. She understands her mom's house rules, but she is tired of being treated like a 15-year-old.

Slacker says when he went to visit his wife’s family in Brazil they definitely slept in the same bed. He says there are certain things you start to do when you’re an adult. You reach a point when you stop being a little girl or boy and start being more of a friend with your parent. If you’re allowed to be an adult in every other way like drinking and smoking, then why couldn’t she just sleep in the room with her fiancé?  He says when his kids are in their 20’s and they’re coming to visit, then he would let them sleep together.

Steve thinks it is rude when people have relations in bedrooms that are not theirs. He thinks people automatically assume that when 2 people share a room, they’re going to get down and dirty. He thinks it would be weird if they had relations in their bed at their house. It is the cleanup factor.

What should Sarah do?

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06/05/2014 5:19PM
OPP: Sleeping Together at Parents' House
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06/05/2014 5:44PM
Old fashion & not just the kids or any unmarried?
Ask: is it just for your kids or any unmarried couple? my aunt did it to me why? Not supporting sex outside wedlock. Would you drink in a recovering alcholics? One other thought - it is not polite having sex, a very private act in someones house. If you are strpping the bed, you wouldn't have sex as a guest (ps-my sister and I also strip the bed)
06/05/2014 7:11PM
Respect your parents!
It's obvious that your mother doesn't approve of cohabitation or sex before marriage. Sure, as an adult you may do as you please, but in your parents' home you need to respect their beliefs. This seems like such a petty matter. If you *really* can't go for a few nights sleeping in separate rooms, pay for a hotel.
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