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OPP: Rough Up Daughter's Ex

Today’s OPP is from Luke:
Yi guys,
My daughter is 17 and dated a guy for about a year. She just found out that he has been seeing another girl behind her back. I was always very clear with him that if he ever hurt or disrespected my daughter, I would make him pay. Now I feel like I have to follow through and teach him there are consequences for his actions. I know where he lives, works, and hangs out and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go get physical with him. I'm a pretty big guy, so I won't put him in the hospital, but I want him to experience some of the pain he caused my baby. Are there any dads out there that have done this? Did it work?
Slacker wants to know how the first conversation went when he told the boyfriend to respect his daughter. He thinks you can’t injure every person that causes your kids physical and emotional stress. He knows his daughter may get her heart broken at some point in her life but he doesn’t think he can protect her from everyone who hurts her.
Steve thinks he should go for it. He thinks the dad is almost being over protective. He says this is not the first time the daughter will be cheated on and Luke won’t always be there to protect her. She needs to learn how to handle it on her own.
I think that his daughter needs to learn how to deal with the heartbreak on her own and not have daddy there to protect her. I think it might eve anger his daughter if he got involved with her boyfriend. She needs to learn how to face it himself.
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04/24/2014 5:20PM
OPP: Rough Up Daughter's Ex
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