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OPP: Rough Love


Today’s O.P.P. is from Johnathan. He says his wife is unhappy and wants him to be more dominant in the bedroom. He is uncomfortable with this because he doesn’t want to treat her like a random girl he met at the bar. They have tried what she wants, and she is still unhappy. He fears his wife of two children is going to leave him.

Slacker and Steve were both confused because of why this was happening. There was a cancer scare and they have come to the conclusion that it is because she is the mother of his children, and she was really sick. He doesn’t want to hurt his wife. They think he is an amazing guy and he doesn’t want to treat his wife like a tramp, but she wants to be treated this way. Slacker thinks he needs to disconnect her as two different people: a mom, and his wife that wants to get rough.

Steve thought that once a woman became a mother she wants to just stay as the respected mom she is and not get a little rough in the bedroom.

What advice can you give Johnathan?  

I think he can get a little more rough if he maybe drank a little before relations. Or they can watch some videos together or something. Spice it up a little. Role play where she needs to be “punished.” If you have a good imagination and some time on your hands, I am sure he can get it done!

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01/13/2014 5:22PM
OPP: Rough Love
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01/14/2014 3:36PM
Is it mental and physical? Does he have a problem staying hard when he tries to be rough? If so is there something he could take to help
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