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OPP: Relationship is Too Normal

Yi! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year and, overall, I think we have a pretty good relationship. We moved in together about a month ago and we do everything normal couples do like get dinner and go out to the movies. Sometimes he’ll surprise me with flower or candy which I like, but again, I feel like every other couple out there.
My problem is that this is my first real long term relationship I’m wondering if I’m settling because he’s the first guy I’ve been with. I’m only twenty six years old and I don’t want to waste anymore of his or my time in a relationship if it ultimately isn’t going to be fulfilling. Are there any warning signs I should be looking out for that show I may be settling, I just don’t want to regret any part of my life, but he’s such a great guy. I just don’t know what to do. 
Slacker thinks everyone is going to be mad at her. He says that if women believe in the intuition thing, then something must be telling her this guy isn’t right for her. He thinks it’s weird that she’s 26. He doesn’t understand her attitude because who wouldn’t want a normal relationship and be grounded? But he thinks that she wants other women to either reassure her that she is going to be okay, or to move on to something that strikes her interests.

Steve said he is mad at Hope for not liking this guy more than he’s worth! He sounds like a great guy! He thinks she was expecting the fireworks all the time, but now it’s not and that’s why she wrote us. It sounds like she’s bored. She doesn’t even say the word love in her letter. Does she even love him?

What advice can you give Hope?

I think she should accept it for a little bit longer. She may be impulsive like me and wants change, right now. But life doesn’t work like that. She should wait it out before making any drastic decisions.

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03/05/2014 5:21PM
OPP: Relationship is Too Normal
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