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OPP: Public Service Announcement


Today's OPP is from Diane. Diane is tired of people having no shame. She spends hours in the gym building a body that can be seen in a bikini. She has a gripe with fat women wearing skimpy clothes and bikinis because it is unflattering. She says no one wants to see that and women that do this need to get in the gym.

Slacker asks Diane why she is so mean. She says she isn’t mean and that she is a realist and telling the truth. It makes Slacker sick to his stomach that she is getting this air time. He has no respect for this woman. Her voice is disguised and he asked her if she is so confident, then why did she want voice disguiser? He asks if we can all agree that there is an obesity problem in America. He said people are more accepting of people who are overweight and look the other way.

Steve asks Diane if people with blonde hair have roots showing are they not allowed to have blonde hair? He thinks it will never end with her. Non-obese people are the minority now in America.

Do you agree or disagree with Diane?

Intern Nikki
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07/17/2014 5:16PM
OPP: Public Service Announcement
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07/17/2014 6:38PM
I had to turn my radio off after hearing this witch for 30 seconds. I was in tears and my blood was boiling. I am a person who has struggled with my weight all my life and it is genetic. Sometimes people just can't help the way they are and losing weight just isn't that easy. This woman seriously needs to show some respect for people and get a life.
07/17/2014 6:58PM
Uglier personality
Unfortunately she's judgmental. She doesn't seem to realize she doesn't live in other peoples' heads, or OPH. Whether it's due to genetics, coping skills, or mental torment, her narrow mind won't even consider causes other than the "whatever" factor she seems to think is the problem. Her attitude is much, much uglier than cellulite and dark roots!
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