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OPP: Pregnancy Vacation

Today’s OPP is from Paul
Yi Guys,
Every few years, my buddies and I take a guy's vacation. It's a 4 or 5 day weekend where we get together, play golf, have some drinks, and catch up on guy stuff without our wives. This year's trip is about a month and a half away, and I've had everything booked for almost a year. Things are a little more complicated than usual this time. My wife will be almost 39 weeks pregnant the weekend we have the trip planned for. She was cool with me going at first, but now that the due date is getting closer, she says I can't go. First, I can't back out this late. We've done this trip for years and things are already planned and reservations made. Second, our life is about to get hectic and the trip will really help me clear my head and go into life with a baby with a clear head. Third, if she goes into labor I can catch a flight home and her best friend will be here to help until I get back. What do you guys think? Should I stay or should I go?

Slacker knows how he feels since him, Steve, and Lil’ D, all go to Vegas each year. This year Lil’ D’s wife is pregnant and will be 37 weeks along during the time of the trip. Slacker doesn’t think Lil’ D should go since he says family comes first. He thinks that if family truly does come first for both Paul and Lil’ D then neither of them would even consider going on the trips.

Steve thinks the trip is calling it very close to the birth of his child. He thinks it’s almost selfish of Paul to not consider how his wife feels when she is the one that’s giving birth. They need to take into consideration how their wives will be feeling and what they would want so close to the due date.

Should he go on the vacation or stay with his wife?

I think they’ll always have an opportunity to go on a trip but, seeing the birth of their children is literally a once in a life time thing! Even if they could catch a flight back they should be there to support their wives through every second of it. Your child’s birth should be first and foremost over a guy’s weekend.
Intern Courtney
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03/27/2014 5:24PM
OPP: Pregnancy Vacation
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