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OPP:Pitbull Puppy


Today’s OPP is from Shelby:
Yi Slacker & Steve,
My daughter is 4 and she's in the puppy stage. My husband's cousin has a pit-bull that just had a litter and my daughter has fallen in love with them. She has one specific puppy she likes the most and she keeps asking if she can bring him home. My husband has already told her she can have the dog but I don't think a pit-bull is a good dog for a little girl. It's cute now but it's gonna grow up and we all know they are aggressive dogs that can turn any second. I don't want my daughter to end up mauled or dead. I told her the puppy had to stay with its mommy but we could get her a different puppy. My husband says I'm crazy and thinks it will be a good dog for her. How do I convince my family that bringing that dog home is like leaving a loaded gun in the living room?
Slacker says that he won’t even let his kid go river rafting without him at his side, because he doesn’t trust the situation. He says he would like to put his kid in the best possible scenario. Slacker says that with his kids being a little older he wouldn’t mind getting a pit-bull but getting the breed when they are babies is a hard decision. He says that the majority of pit-bulls don’t do bad things. Slacker says that if Shelby is that much afraid of the breed then it wouldn’t be a good idea because you need to be the alpha!
Steve says that they could get another breed but this one is a free dog and they know what kind of dogs the parents were and what not. He says that the big problem with this situation is the fact that Shelby’s husband already promised the dog to their daughter.
What advice do you have for Shelby?
Pitbulls are wonderful dogs. Yes sometimes there are bad news stories about them but think about it this way, they used to be nanny dogs! Enought said...

Intern Tyler

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08/15/2014 5:17PM
OPP:Pitbull Puppy
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08/15/2014 5:52PM
White teenage boys in high school are dangerous!
White teenage boys in high school have a proven record of killings in and out of school. School is supposed to be safe. And these "people" are killing kids and teachers regularly. Pit bull dogs are loyal. They will do what the human teaches them to do. All of the bully breed dogs that we've raised in our family have NEVER hurt anyone or anything. It is how you raise them. So if we are concerned for children's safety, then we need to start focusing on how these parents are raising their white teenage boys in high school. Seriously think about that. I'm not for mass genocide of any humans, but your callers are obnoxious in thinking that mass genocide for a type of dog is an answer to reducing danger. The writer shouldn't get ANY dog right now. She clearly isn't ready to be a good parent to both a baby and a dog. A promise to a 4 year old is okay to break in this instance. Keep peace in the family and don't get a pet that she will obviously not care for.
08/15/2014 5:54PM
pitbull puppy
Growing up as a child, my parents use to tell me to stay away from pitbulls and that they were really aggressive. Well 23 years later, I brought home a pitbull puppy despite all the holla-ba-lu and bad rap and after 3 years; he is fully trained and the sweetest dog ever, even my parents view has complete changed to a positive outcome. Our corgi is more aggressive than our pitbull..
08/18/2014 4:46PM
Please be fair to the breed - don't mix pitbulls and children
1) ALL dog breeds are the result of selective breeding. All of them. Each breed has been selected to do a job: from companionship to hunting lions, every breed has a predisposition and a proclivity for certain behaviors. 2) pitbulls are bred for fighting. Period. It's hard wired in their DNA. It's unfair to the dog to assume that they won't have that instinct, especially in a stressful situation (kids wrestling, stranger encounter...) 3) check the statistics on dog-related injuries: facts don't have emotional attachments to cute dogs. Pitbulls are BY FAR the most dangerous dogs - and every injury sustained by a pitbull IS CAUSED BY A HUMAN SETTING THE DOG UP FOR FAILURE. 4) by the way, it's silly to equate humans to dogs - domestic animals are selectively bred. Humans are not. Bottom line: it is unreasonable and unfair to the breed to put it in a position where it will be fighting its DNA. It's not the fault of the dog - but humans who set these dogs up for failure are to blame.
08/18/2014 4:46PM
First: If you get a pit, you have to be prepared to fight against biases, stereotypes and prejudice. You have to be dedicated and put yourself in the right situations. I have a pit/retriever that I got from the humane society when she was around 3. She is the love of my life and I am not a sappy, lovey-dovey person. Is she perfect, no. I knew when I was getting her from the humane society, she would need a lot of training and that is exactly what I did. She has gone to three rounds of training, one being an intensive behavior therapy. She went with our other dog, a rhodesian ridgeback, who had her own issues. (For the caller who said that rhodesian ridgebacks are not aggressive, that is not always true. We got ours from a breeder and part of the breed stereotype is being loyal and protective. Nala is more apt to go after someone rather than Duckie, the pit. Long story short, if she has the time to put in training and willing to be a respectable owner, I say go for it. Know that if the dog does have behaviors, LIKE ALL DOGS DO, you are responsible for taking charge of the situation. There are many small dogs in my apartment complex that would be considered dangerous but because they are small and the owners just pick them up, or their bite is much smaller, or they are "cute", they are considered non-aggressive. It is like a 1st grade girl hitting a 4th grade boy and saying it is ok because she just did not mean it... It is people like that caller that said "they are like a loaded gun" that they are continually looked at as bad and dangerous dogs. Any dog has the ability to bite and they bite just as often.
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