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OPP: Picking Friends After Divorce

Divorce is usually not a fun process. Today's OPP needs help figuring out what to do in a divorce...that's not even hers!
Yi! Two of my best friends from high school are divorcing. It's ugly. They are telling all of their friends they can only be friends with one of them. It's heartbreaking because now I must choose sides. Each of them did something bad to the other so this is not an easy choice. Have any of your listeners ever been forced to choose sides in a breakup? Who do I choose?
Slacker asks, “What if I truly want to be friends with both of them?” When Slacker went through his divorce, he gave his ex the “hip” part of town because he knew he wouldn’t be finding his next lady anywhere near there. He never made his friends choose a side, but he’s now wondering if she may have. He did however; have to tell his friends to not talk about her, to him.
Steve has done the social list when he was going through a split.
What’s your advice for Kendra?
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08/11/2014 5:49PM
OPP: Picking Friends After Divorce
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