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OPP: Pet Snake

Today’s OPP is from Tanya
Yi, My husband wants to get a pet snake, but I don't want it in the house. We have two young children and I feel that it could be dangerous to have around. He has assured me that it will be fine, but I still have my doubts. I mean...what if it bites one of the kids? Please, I don't like that type of animal. He keeps shrugging off my concerns and I'm sort of worried that he'll buy it without my permission.

Slacker thinks this OPP is not as bad as arguing whether to get a Pit Bull. He thinks snake people think that snakes are affectionate towards their owners. He thinks that what starts out as one snake will turn into numerous critters. He thinks the husband somewhat has the right to own the pet he wants.

Steve thinks in order for an animal to be a pet it has to be affectionate towards the owner. He thinks snakes are boring and aren’t worth having as pets. He wonders if the husband has always wanted reptiles or if this is just a random request. He doesn’t think a snake is a valid pet.
Should she tell him he can't get the snake or give it a chance?

I think she should give it a chance. I never wanted rats when I was a little girl but my brother but one who had babies and I loved them.  I always believe you can’t trash it till you try it so I think she should give it a chance.

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04/10/2014 5:18PM
OPP: Pet Snake
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