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OPP: People Walk All Over Boyfriend

Yi! I’m dating probably the sweetest guy that I’ve ever met, but he has one really big personality flaw that drives me insane.  He never stands up for himself ever. I mean…he basically lets people steam roll right over him like all the time.  At work, his boss treats him like crap and he doesn’t do anything. He’s asked for a raise three times and his boss hasn’t even responded to him. I’m thinking about going to his job to raise some hell, I hate seeing him taken advantage of. He says that he’ll work it out, but he never gets it done. Should I go there and talk to his boss for him?

Slacker wonders if the girlfriend is attracted to someone with no back bone. When he was managing a music store, there was one guy that was in his forties. He would have his wife call in sick for him and if he scheduled this guy too much she would call the store and talk with Slacker about changing his schedule.  If she calls her boyfriend’s boss, he will get no respect. As much as he has now, he will get even less. Slacker says she better not call or go to his work. He is a firm believer that people never change and that this guy will always be a pushover. Maybe.

Steve says how did this guy get a girlfriend to begin with? Maybe there are women out there that buck up their guy and give them their back bone. But that makes him look pathetic.

What should Alexis do?

I think she should encourage him to stand up for himself and tell him he needs to be a man. Period. You can’t let people walk all over you!
Intern Nikki

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03/18/2014 5:20PM
OPP:People walk All Over Boyfriend
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