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OPP: Pay for the Hotel?

Yi! Today's OPP comes from Candy:
Yi!! So I have a pretty urgent OPP for you, and could really use your awesome expertise with advice! About a month ago, my friend and I went out for a girl's night at a hotel. I'm not really a big drinker and am always the DD, so I usually stop at a glass of wine or two. Well, my friend ordered a bottle of wine and a long island for me to drink. I told her I couldn't possibly drink all that, but I felt guilty and drank a couple glasses thinking the night was early and I could definitely sober up with some water by the time we got home. Well, about two glasses of wine and a long island later, I ended up spending the night throwing up and didn't leave the bathroom at all and was so dizzy I couldn't stand. Eventually,  my friend grabbed me from the bathroom (she had been in the bar talking to a guy all night) and said she had gotten us a room. I was so sick I couldn't think straight so I just followed. We got into the room and that same guy was there! She had gotten a $700 suite because she was drunk and didn't realize the price, and had met this guy hoping he would pay for it! I passed out and don't remember a thing, but found out the next morning that they had relations in the room while I was sleeping. She's having some money problems now and is saying I should split the bill with her because it was my fault we had to get a room because I was drunk and was the one supposed to be driving!! She's a friend of mine and I don't want to lose that friendship so I haven't challenged her on it... but honestly, do I owe her half that money? If it were me, I would have gotten a taxi or something, not booked a room! She is asking me for the money every day. Please help!! Love you guys, Candy
Do you think Candy should have to pay for the hotel room?

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10/01/2013 8:05PM
OPP: Pay for the Hotel?
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