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OPP: Parents Assume They Can Stay

Yi! Today's OPP is from Candy. She writes:

Yi! My parents moved out of state a little over a year ago and my step mother has medical problems. Her doctors are here so they have to come for tests. Well, each time they just invite themselves to stay with my husband and I without asking. At first it was a few days and now it's becoming more frequent and lasting a week or more! They use all of our stuff and take long showers costing us extra money. It's not the money that really bothers us but it's that we feel like guests in our own home and we cannot enjoy our time alone. We are newlyweds and we feel like we live with them. Please help with how to address this with them!

Slacker thinks it makes a huge difference the reason they're coming is for medical reasons. He says your parents just showing up at your house is never ideal, but they are not choosing to come. He also thinks the fact Candy and her husband are newlyweds complicates the situation more than it normally would.

Steve has a nephew that is coming to town. He says it is a planned visit, so it's okay. If his nephew just showed up and wanted to hang out and have fun, it would be a totally different story. Steve said the hardest part of having family in your home is making allowances and room for them. Most people get comfortable in their own home and now Candy can't do that.

How can Candy address the situation without insulting her dad and step-mom?

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03/06/2014 11:49PM
OPP: Parents Assume They Can Stay
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