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OPP: Out-of-Control Sister

Jennifer has a sister who recently got divorced and has two kids. Her sister has been dropping the kids off at Jennifer’s house while she goes out drinking and partying. Jennifer thinks she’s being a bad mom and wants to confront her on it

Slacker thinks that it’s turning into a pattern and that Jennifer enables the behavior by always letting her do it. He thinks if Jennifer tries to confront her she’ll be reminded of her controlling ex husband and won’t listen to what she has to say.

Steve thinks she’s just living her life and redeeming herself after a divorce. He thinks it’s natural for people to let lose after a break up or divorce. He thinks the situation could turn dangerous since her sister has never partied like this before.  He thinks they should set the kids up to confront her to make her listen and feel guilty.

Should Jennifer confront her sister about the situation? How should she do it?

I think using the kids to guilt her out of partying is a great idea and would work perfectly.

Intern Courtney

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05/02/2014 5:20PM
OPP: Out-of-Control Sister
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