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OPP: Open Marriage

Yi Slacker and Steve,
I've been married for 6 years and my husband travels a lot for work. He's usually gone for 2 weeks, comes home for 3-5 days and then is gone again. It's been hard and we both haven't been able to be there for each other as much as we would have liked to. We're both young and our relationship has almost no physical aspect. I told him that maybe we should try an open marriage because he's gone so much and he played it off as a joke. I don't know how to tell him that I'm serious. I love him and everything we have while he's home, but it's really tough when he's gone and I need that physical contact. How do I approach it so he'll know I'm serious without hurting his feelings?
Slacker says it’s hard to say when the husband became a workaholic because if she knew he was always going to be gone, then don’t get married if you constantly need that attention. If more people would learn to just separate the physical aspect from the relationship then it would be easier. He wonders how many marriages end because one person wants an open relationship. Do they just end it? Or fix it so the physicality is back there.  

Steve says he has been with married women and it is clearly because they aren’t getting everything they want from their spouse so they turn to him. He says it is cool that she is communicating her needs rather than slipping away and sneaks around behind his back.

What should Leslie do?

I think she should tell him straight up next time he’s home that she wants to explore other people… it would add some spice to their life I think. He’ll either have to move home and work where they live, or it will end in divorce.

Intern Nikki

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04/29/2014 5:22PM
OPP: Open Marriage
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