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OPP: Old Flame Moving Back

Yi! Candy came on the air with us today, but here is her OPP:

Yi! I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months and am in love. Prior to that, I dated a guy in 2010, who I was also in love with, but who moved away for work. He's now returning to the area and recently contacted me. I completely fell under his spell again. Now, I find myself in love with two men. Is this even possible? What do I do? I would love to hear from other listeners, who have experienced this. Which person did they choose?

Should she go back to her old boyfriend or stay with her current one?

(Photo courtesy freedigitalphotos.net)

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03/28/2014 8:31PM
OPP: Old Flame Moving Back
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03/31/2014 3:41PM
Dump them both!
It's time to be harshly honest with yourself and ask the question "will I feel secure in either of these relationships?" If you think that you might end up having feelings of regret or insecuritity in your decision with either guy then maybe cutting it off with both is the best thing to do for the time being. You won't be able to have a healthy relationship if you're constantly living with thoughts of regret, doubt, or insecurity. That isn't fair to you or either of the men.
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