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OPP: Not Getting Skinny for the Wedding


Today’s OPP comes from Hannah:
Yi! My wedding is in three months and I'm so sick of starving myself and exercising until I'm ready to pass out, that I've decided to stop all forms of diet and exercise before the big day. My friends and family think I'm crazy and that I'll totally regret not being in the best shape of my life for all the pictures and videos, but I don't care. I have so many things about this wedding that are stressing me out that I don't want this to be another thing that drives me over the edge. Do you think I'm crazy for not caring about this? Have any other brides done this? Will I regret it?
Slacker says that no brides have done this but maybe wish they had! He thinks it is awesome that she wants to be herself and be comfortable in her own skin at her wedding. He thinks that her friends and family telling her she is going to regret it is messed up. He wishes he was healthier than he is right now, but starving yourself isn’t the way to get there.

Steve thinks she will definitely regret it. He thinks that the fact the girl wants to stop being healthy says something about her marriage-to be. If you look two years down the road she is going to get back in the gym and look at the photos and not show anyone the photos because she’s embarrassed. If she didn’t want to starve herself she should’ve started the dieting and exercising sooner. Steve thinks there are more upsides to dieting and exercising then looking good in pictures.

What advice can you give Hannah?

 Intern Nikki

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06/12/2014 5:17PM
OPP: Not Getting Skinny for the Wedding
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06/12/2014 5:50PM
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