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OPP: Negative Nancy

Yi! I knew I wanted Anna to be my best friend in college because she was so sarcastic and funny. She cracked me up and her biting sense of humor always made me feel sort of cool to be around her. But we've been out of college for 10 years and she's still exactly the same. Where I used to think she was cool and sarcastic, now I think she's just mean and maybe borderline depressed. I truly don't think I can be friends with her anymore and I'm actually a little bit worried about her. Is this something I should talk to her about or is it just time to leave behind friends that don't grow up?
Slacker said that it is weird when his guy friends have grown up and are out of college but are still going to strip clubs and experimenting with drugs. Grownups can’t have that snarky college attitude thing when they are 10 years out of college. He said he can kindly tell his friends that he can go out with thm once a month or every three months, but not all the time. There is a time and an obligation to tell the friend that hey, you are acting weird, are you okay?

Steve said that Slacker is saying discard your old friends if they act like this and that one person grew one way and the other grew another way. There’s too much obligation with the friend especially after 10 years, but he would move on if he were Maryanne.

What advice can you give Maryanne?

I would talk to the friend, but clearly she doesn’t feel close enough to the friend to talk to a radio show and not her…. If they were that good of friends then she wouldn’t be writing in to Slacker and Steve, she’d be talking to her seeing what’s up--might as well move on girl. I mean that is messed up, but your grown now and much more to worry about than friends not growing up.

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02/18/2014 5:29PM
OPP: Negative Nancy
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