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OPP: Move the Mother-In-Law in

Yi! My husband comes from a large family. All of his brothers and sisters have kids. We do not. His mother is older and about to sell her home. We can barely tolerate one another and now, she wants to move in with us. The whole family is behind the idea. My husband says the move will bring us all closer together. I disagree and think it will wreck my marriage. Can you ask your audience if they have been through this and if it is a good idea to allow your mother-in-law to move in. What should I do?
Slacker had his in-laws coming in here soon. They’re staying with Slacker and his family. Slacker doesn’t understand Steve’s advice at all. Slacker thinks that if it is family you should let whomever stay at least for a little while. His mother-in-law would be able to stay with him any time even if he hated her. He wouldn’t let someone not have his help especially if they were down and out.

Steve says Slacker doesn’t have his groove now once his wife’s family stays with him. Steve said he would never let his nephew live with him because he has a rhythm and rhyme to his life and thinks it would disrupt his living situation. He doesn’t understand why he would be in the wrong for not letting family stay with him when he could put them up in a hotel so they could still have their own space. And he could have his. He doesn’t think that once the mother-in-law is at the house she won’t ever leave. She has to stop it now.

What should Stacie do?

I think she should just talk it over with the hubby some more and see if they can compromise. Maybe they can compromise on a time limit for the living situation?

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05/06/2014 5:22PM
OPP: Move the Mother-In-Law in
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